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Reviews for the Ginger Barnes Main Line Mysteries:

"I have enjoyed all of the Ginger Barnes Main Line Mysteries, but SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS may just be my very favorite. Down-to-earth and eminently likeable Ginger Barnes keeps herself quite busy raising two school-age children and helping her husband, Rip, run a private school on the main line of Philadelphia. Yet she manages to find time to solve a baffling mystery that terrorizes her cul-de-sac and eludes police. After Gin finds her close friend and neighbor, Liz, murdered, she begins--in a refreshingly credible way--to uncover one clue after another, and finds herself drawn into the investigation of Liz's death. But even more intriguing is the tangle of mysteries surrounding another neighbor's life. This neighbor, the elderly and eccentric Letty McNair, is a character drawn with such depth and heart that I felt I knew and loved her from the moment I met her. SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS is more than just a suspenseful and satisfying mystery; it is a novel with characters and situations complex and touching enough to evoke tears." Kathleen Anne Barrett, Pres. DV Sisters in Crime, and author of the Milwaukee Mystery Series and three Thumbprint Mysteries.

"Barnes' irreverent attitude about her situation makes for a great character - almost as if Spenser was a housewife." The Drood Review of Mystery 

"My only concern with these cozy type of mysteries is that often there just isn't enough there to be worthwhile, and they just aren't clever enough for me...not the case with your series....Very smart writing and a good enough plot to have kept me reading it pretty much in one sitting."  Carolyn, "Alice" of Malice The Mystery Bookstore

"No mistake, you write cozies, but for today's world. . ."  Sandi Cohen, Schaumburg, IL

"[Donna Huston Murray's] voice is as familiar as a long-time girlfriend's yet provocative and wise as a favorite aunt's." Earlene Fowler, Agatha winner and author of MARINER'S COMPASS and SEVEN SISTERS

"Definitely not your usual housewife detective."  Deen Kogan, Director/Organizer of Mid-Atlantic Mystery Book Fair & Convention

" [Murray] got the reunion atmosphere down just right--a mixture of regret, jealously, bittersweet nostalgia, etc. But the part I liked best was Gin's thoughts about her father, especially when she returned to the school of which both had been a part. This was top literary fiction, I think. Bravo!" FAREWELL PERFORMANCE 

"If you love the mysteries of Carolyn G. Hart, Jill Churchill and Diane Mott Davidson, you'll definitely want to add this new series to your library . . ." Nancy Pickard, author

"Thank heavens! A cozy with a brain!" Ellie Miller, Independent Reviewer re THE MAIN LINE IS MURDER

I greatly appreciate authors like yourself that write clean, fun, and mind boggling mysteries that draw one into the story. When I hate for the book to end then it has been a gooood book! And yours are in that category."  Karen Crepin, New Mexico

Your books seem to be getting better and better. . .I read a lot of domestic mystery's, have a lot of favorites, and you are at the top of the list."  Ellen Ellis

"...pick a less than usually busy week to start your reading." Lauren Bergold for Rivergate Books
Review Excerpts...
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"...a feisty protagonist, authentic medicine, and a crime ripped right from the headlines." Ken Zamkoff, MD

"[Murray] handles loss and death's unfairness with aplomb, rendering it moving without being depressing. Combined with a tightly woven and believable plot, the story moves at a great pace. Beck's toughness and humanity are so well drawn that when she was without a place to stay, I ached to take her in." Judith Skillings, author of the Rebecca Moore series

"Lauren Beck is a welcome addition to the female investigator circuit, and readers of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum and Sue Grafton's Kelsey Milhorne series will love her. She is funny, smart, creative and thoughtful. As both a cancer survivor and a prosecutor involved in law enforcement, I already love Beck's straightforward, no-nonsense, funny strong voice." Nancy Beam Winter, Prosecutor and former Asst. District Attorney

"Cancer survivor, ex-cop, insurance investigator Lauren Beck has more grit than most suspense novel heroines, and more troubles, too. WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU, Donna Huston Murray's latest book, will keep you up all night rooting for her to overcome them." Author Kate Gallison aka Irene Fleming

"...a strong-minded, intelligent, and gutsy heroine with the enlightened life-focus of someone who has narrowly escaped death. I am already hooked on Lauren Beck and cannot wait for the next installment. Kathleen Anne Barrett, Pres. DV Sisters in Crime and author of the Milwaukee Mystery Series 

"Lauren Beck beat cancer, but she's still clawing back to the land of the living. She's lost contact with her friends; her father has moved across the country; and the woman she loves like a mother just died. To make things even worse, she's been accused of murder and someone is messing with her,--ruining her credit history, canceling her phone service, and emptying her bank account...Strong and feisty, Lauren also displays a tender side that is sweetly sentimental. Her fight to reclaim her life is filled with suspense, and the novel is a gripping page-turner."  PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY 

"Brave and determined, humorous despite it all, Lauren [Beck] digs for the truth even when she gets locked up. She's tough-minded, self-reliant, with an eye for a good-looking man and thirst for a good drink. Not a shred of self-pity; no pink ribbons. But Lauren's not hard-boiled, either. She loved the motherly Corinne and mourns her loss...An enjoyable investigation with an admirable, down-to-earth heroine." Kirkus Review
"Clever title: clever book. Well written mystery with lots of twists and turns. Sympathetic hero with just enough quirks and foibles to make him human. I would love to read a sequel."  Knoni2006 on Wattpad re DYING FOR A VACATION

"DYING FOR A VACATION was a great read. Enjoyed the characters immensely. Way to go Donna Huston Murray!  Dianne Shrawder on wattpad

GUILT TRIP, The Mystery   New  2/1/16!

​Ms. Murray takes us on a journey we will never forget...a story that allows you to be drawn into it, coming alive as though you were actually there...an ending that you won’t see coming. Anne-Marie Reynolds, Reader's Favorite

"A highly personal case preoccupies ex-cop turned bartender Lauren Beck in Murray's page-turning sequel to (WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU.) ...couples the engaging lead with a clever solution." (BookLife) Publisher's
Weekly 4/25/1

"Lauren Beck...is capable yet imperfect, strong yet vulnerable, a nice blend of true humanity. The kind of character that leaves you waiting to meet her again not only for the next adventure but also to see how her personal life issues will unfold as you would a friend."   SPW on Amazon
GUILT TRIP is a not only a clever who-done-it with a wicked twist, but an equally clever HOW-done-it, as well.” K. Barrett, Author, on Amazon 

“I couldn't put it down and when it was over I wanted more. Thank goodness it is part of a series…” D. Kiddy, on Amazon 

"The Main Line mystery solver does it again. Gin Barnes uses her own special moves and rapidly acquired knowledge of the business side of Professional Football to coach the cops and SCORE a victory for her family." George Reese on Amazon re A SCORE TO SETTLE


...a real gem of a novel.  I loved the premise of this heroine and her back story. It simply pulled me in and held on tight. The character is smart, interesting, brave, highly relatable, and humorous. Add to that some hilarious action scenes, a well crafted plot, sharp dialogue, and nearly flawless writing and that makes this novel one of my top picks...This book should be picked up and savored!
 Judge, WRITER'S DIGEST 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards
From start to finish, I just loved this book. All around, this was just a great book. I loved the production values. The cover was well done and the cover quotes were first-rate.  This book could easily sit on the shelf with traditionally published novels and beat them hands down. I was very impressed with this book. The characters were well-drawn. Lauren is definitely a survivor and you show this expertly through her actions and dialogue. I loved the way in which the case Beck was following tied in with her life and experiences. It added a richness to her character to see her deal with these issues as an outsider and detective rather than just a patient too. You did a nice job with Scarp as well, showing his indecisions about Beck and her actions. The action was great and started from the very first page. You built up the suspense with all of the things that happened to Beck in the first part of the book. I loved the donut scene, in that it showed her character and motivation so well. I’ll be on the lookout for more books by you about this amazing character. Judge, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

“The twists and turns of the tale leave the reader wondering how Lauren could possibly unravel the mystery and there is never a hint as to who the perpetrator actually is. 'GUILT TRIP' will grip you from the beginning and leave you wishing that there’s a sequel when you reach the end.” E.D. Bird, Zimbabwe
"The first person voice works great for this story. It’s a fun voice to read, and we can’t wait to see what she’ll do next. An excellent read."  Judge #24, 24th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards
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