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I once read a story about a fisherman's wife who thought her next door neighbor was crazy. Every day the girl dressed up like someone different—a ballerina, a farmer, a nun. As it turned out, the girl pitied the older woman because she was living her "only, only, only life." 

I love imagining I'm someone else. I invariably ask people I meet what their interests are because it makes their eyes shine, and because I get to learn about something they truly love. Try it, you'll see.


Writing mysteries and crime novels allows me to "live" lots of different lives without making my neighbors nervous... although I guess I really can't be sure about that.

The anxiety of speaking to hundreds of students may be over, but the astonishment of receiving this amazing award will last a lifetime. Hear my advice to the kids HERE. Listener's alert: I  AM nervous!

UPCOMINGThe audiobook of FINAL ARRANGEMENTS, and the third Lauren Beck crime novel STRANGER DANGER.




5 min. VIDEO  for AGR Book Club 7/23 

A recent YouTube conversation with influencer Matty Dalrymple

Here's a video of the speech I gave to residents of Foulkeways at Gwynedd about my career as a fiction author. An enjoyable evening and a delightful audience.       WATCH NOW!

A YouTube interview produced by two talented Germantown Academy students. 


Donna Huston Murray’s cozy mystery series features an amateur sleuth much like herself, a DIY headmaster's wife with a troubling interest in crime. The eighth Gin Barnes, FOR BETTER OR WORSE, was awarded Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Award for mysteries, and the first two novels in the Lauren Beck mystery/crime series won Honorable Mention in genre fiction from Writer’s Digest. The series third, STRANGER DANGER, also achieved Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards.


Donna recently became the tenth inductee into her high school’s Lifetime Achievement Award Hall of Fame. To hint that she’s still writing, the plaque reads, “…and more,” below her listed books.


When she isn’t plotting mayhem, Donna assumes she can fix anything until proven wrong, calls trash-picking recycling, and, although she should probably know better by now, got a new puppy named Mulligan. (Yes, it's the golf term for Do-over.)


Donna and husband, Hench, live in Gwynedd, PA, USA.

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