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What Doesn't Kill You

The Mystery


Genre Fiction

Writer's Digest 2015

A Lauren Beck Crime Novel #1

Lauren Beck’s friends, phone, home, credit and credibility are gone, severed with surgical precision by an enemy intent on framing her for murder. Is it one of the insureds she was hired to investigate? The fellow employee she upstaged? Does the daughter of her landlady and dear friend, Corinne Wilder, hate her even more than she thought? Whoever targeted her should beware. The former cop/cancer survivor knows how to fight for her life.


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Editorial Reviews:

“The action was great and started from the very first page…This book could easily sit on the shelf with traditionally published novels and beat them hands down.Judge, WRITER'S DIGEST 23rd Annual Self-Published Book Awards

"...a real gem of a novel...This book should be picked up and savored!" Judge, WRITER'S DIGEST 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards

"Brave and determined, humorous despite it admirable, down-to-earth heroine." KIRKUS REVIEWS

"Strong and feisty, Lauren also displays a tender side that is sweetly sentimental." PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY


"Murray's delightful Pennsylvania mystery pits tough but compassionate Lauren Beck, insurance investigator and ex-cop, against unknown adversaries following the death from cancer of her friend Corinne...Murray's characterization and resourcefulness create a consistent persona that supports the central narrative role...convincing, well-phrased detail sustains atmosphere and keeps the plotting vigorous." The BOOKLIFE Prize in Fiction


“I loved the plot and loved the main character. The story has a couple of mysteries in it and until the last page, you have no idea if they are connected or not…It is a light read, even if it has some hard subjects in it… perfect for a weekend chill-out with a good book.” 4* Marina Stevkovska

"Overall I think its the '"realness" of the book that makes it such a great read. Exploring topics such as grief and loss, thrown in with some action and mystery this book is 100% a recommendation from me. So if you're looking for a good book to read then this is definitely one for consideration." 5* Penguiino

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