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Guilt Trip

The Mystery


Genre Fiction

Writer's Digest 2018

A Lauren Beck Crime Novel #2

POSING AS A relative’s girlfriend, ex-cop Lauren Beck accompanies a family to the Caribbean to scatter the ashes of a questionable suicide. For the low-maintenance cancer survivor, blending into the Roitman’s lifestyle works about as well as trolling Saks Fifth Avenue in overalls, but if a murderer is among the deceased's family, best to conceal her law enforcement background from the funeral guests. The narcissistic mother bears watching—she’s certainly watching Lauren. The father gets death threats from his stockholders. His son is an arrogant creep, and the youngest daughter is in therapy. Since nobody wants to tell Lauren what happened the night of the suicide, she better pack her A-game along with her sandals.

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Editorial  Reviews:

"A highly personal case preoccupies ex-cop turned bartender Lauren Beck in Murray’s page-turning sequel to 2012’s What Doesn’t Kill You…Murray couples the engaging lead with a clever solution." (BookLife) Publisher’s Weekly

"Guilt Trip is more than just a simple murder mystery. With so many twists and turns and with the plot deepening, Ms. Murray takes us on a journey we will never forget. This is an incredibly descriptive book, a story that allows you to be drawn into it, coming alive as though you were actually there...written to grab your attention from page one and not let go until the end – an ending that you won’t see coming." 5* Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite


"Lauren Beck, has a depth of character that is often lacking in other female sleuths. She is capable yet imperfect, strong yet vulnerable, a nice blend of true humanity." 5* Sandra Wollenberg

"GUILT TRIP is a not only a clever who-done-it with a wicked twist, but an equally clever HOW-done-it, as well." 5* K. Barrett

“The plot is very intriguing…I thought I figured it out - but I was wrong. I highly recommend this book.” 5* Bernadette Cinkoske

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