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Dying for a Vacation

A Traditional Mystery

WHO COULD REFUSE a two-week stay in a chateau perched on the edge of the Mediterranean? Certainly not Richard, who was fed up to his easel with the damp London weather. Babysitting a treasure-filled museum while his old Sorbonne roommate honeymooned in Spain was the least he could do. The vandals who’d been plaguing the chateau wouldn’t dare return, the repairmen Tom hired would be completely trustworthy, and “murder” was only found in something by Agatha Christie. Richard might even meet a woman, someone capable of surprising him like never before. He should go. He really should. He was dying for a vacation.


Sunrise on Cote d'Azure on book cover of traditional mystery novel Dying for a Vacation by Donna Huston Murray


“Fantastic mystery! Solid and tightly woven without any unnecessary fluff or padding. I loved the lush setting for this novel and the slow reveals throughout. It really captures a mood that kept me turning the pages.” 5* Michelle

“I loved this story. The characters reminded me of people I've met in real life, and the setting was especially fun. Now I can say I went to the Frnch Riviera, if only while reading this book.” 4* Amazon Customer

“A gr8 story 2 keep de readers clinged 2 it... nice wrk !! :-)”  lovelyross on 

“Clever title: clever book. Well written mystery with lots of twists and turns. Sympathetic hero with just enough quirks and foibles to make him human. I would love to read a sequel.” Knoni2006 on“

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