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Farewell Performance

A Ginger Barnes Cozy Mystery #6

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Returning home to star in a movie about going home, Jan Fairchild stirs up old resentments galore. When the actress is found dead the morning after a nostalgic pajama party, several of her former high-school girlfriends become suspects—including Ginger Barnes. The homicide specialist the police bring in seems unusually eager for the amateur sleuth’s observations. Is that because she’s his #1 suspect?

What early reviewers are saying

Donna Huston Murray always provides great consistency in quality in all her works like the best mystery writers such as —Agatha Christie, PD James and others.   I always look forward to each book knowing that it has been clearly outlined and diligently researched for accuracy, have interesting and well developed  characters, without a doubt creating a most enjoyable read.  5* Ralph Raunftr

FAREWELL PERFORMANCE opens with a bang and the action never slows down. Ginger Barnes is a delight, the kind of character I’d love to have as a best friend. She’s thoroughly capable even when juggling friends, family, and social obligations along with solving mysteries.  The book’s Main Line setting was expertly described, and there are plenty of suspects to keep the reader guessing.  A snappy plot, plenty of humor, and a protagonist to root for make this charming cozy mystery one to savor. 5* Laurien Berenson, Author

. . . a riveting and entertaining mystery that I read in two non-stop sittings. We know from the beginning who is murdered, and we know when and where it happens, but then we are taken through the days leading up to the murder, with all of the possible suspects, so that every word holds the reader's attention. Still, I had no idea "whodunit" until the very end. The descriptions of the characters and settings add a lot to the story. The characters are very real and believable and are drawn in more depth than characters in a lot of mysteries. Highly recommended to fans of amateur-sleuth mysteries. 5*  Kathleen Barrett

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