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Final Arrangements

The Ginger Barnes Main Line Mysteries #2

FOR SUCCESSFULLY delivering her mother’s friend, fierce competitor Iffy Bigelow, to the world-famous Philadelphia Flower Show in time to perfect that day’s entries, Ginger Barnes and mother Cynthia are rewarded with Iffy’s extra maintenance passes.

Unfortunately, while they roam the amazing displays with elbow room to spare, Iffy is in a storage room behind the Tastee Freeze booth getting strangled with her own scarf.


The remaining Grand Prize contenders seem relieved to have lost their toughest rival, but surely they aren’t all murder suspects! What about Iffy’s husband? The police favor the victim’s mentally unstable niece for the crime, but Gin’s mother will have none of it. “You solved a murder for your husband,” she reminds the amateur sleuth she raised. “Now you can solve one for me.”

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What readers are saying:

"Altogether fun, satisfying and saucy, with just a light dusting of danger." 5* Cleargrace

"Was not able to guess who the killer was nor the reason why til the end." 5* wn CB

"This book is a very witty demonstration of the power of housewives, especially when they are told to butt out. It is feminine and clever." 5* Jane M. Duckett

"A cast of characters that kept me laughing from beginning to end." 5* Amazon Customer

"This author has wonderful characters who don't insult your intelligence as you attempt to solve the mystery. Fresh perspective and enjoyable read! Murder mystery lovers will appreciate the family setting and subtle humor." 5* Lori R. Bailey

"This was a very charismatic mystery that had me guessing right up to the end. Very well-written, charming, and very much worth reading. I enjoyed it immensely." 5* Patti Peer

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