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No Bones About It

The Ginger Barnes Main Line Mysteries #4

ON THE HEELS of a nasty divorce, a dog trainer is blamed for her ex-husband’s suspicious death. Evidence suggests she programmed their jointly owned guard dog to attack the prominent diet doctor, but did she? As the accused is being led off to jail, she begs her friend and sometime sleuth, Ginger Barnes, to save the champion German shepherd’s life, an assignment that demands nothing less than the whole truth.



"The title says all: this is a great read! What an unusual way for an amateur sleuth to be drawn into a murder investigation-trying to save the life of a championship dog! But for somebody like Ginger Barnes, who values old friendships and loves dogs, it's completely understandable. The characters in this book are a smorgasbord of quirky people I recommend that you meet for yourself, and the ending is both a surprise and a satisfaction. As always, a Murray mystery is a cut above. 5* Kathmcc


"The author writes well using snappy dialog and great descriptions. I also appreciated her humor through out the book". 5* Patricia A. Noonan

"Never saw it coming: No bones about it, Murray gets it all right. Great characters, no stereotypes, not perfect, but not dumb either. And the plot! Weaves around and around to an ending that leaves the reader wide eyed and breathless. I definitely recommend this book to everyone. I sure hope there are more like it from this author!" 5* Kindle Customer

"I enjoyed this cozy mystery. Ginger has a busy life and even though she is not really a friend of the suspect she decides to help her. If you pay attention to all the evidence you might be able to figure out who the bad guy is. LOL! Recommending this to all my friends and family to read." 5* azcranky

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