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If you haven't yet seen the reviews of CURED...BUT NOT OUT OF DANGER, the first of my new series, I hope you'll take a minute to read what Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, and especially a Writer's Digest judge have to say. Link above. 

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Sorry I've been quiet for a while--I'm busy working on a first draft of GUILT TRIP, the second Lauren Beck Crime Novel. Up to chapter 35, and since the end is the hardest part, I welcome any excuse I can cook up to avoid writing--painting a bedroom, raking leaves, jury duty, social medial...

Here's a little about me:
I love to solve problems—that itch you can’t reach, installing a garbage disposal, murder.

As a kid, words were my favorite toys, grammar books my outside reading, and mysteries, always mysteries. My mother was a musician, her family a bunch of clever storytellers. In my own way I aspired to be just like them. Luckily, as an author you first have to entertain yourself. Then you hope what you’ve had so much fun creating is enjoyable to somebody else. It’s a chancy business, but it pays off with a very special, if not unique, connection to other people.

Please feel free to browse—the book page, the first chapters, the reviews. If you like what you’ve read, I hope you’ll let me know with a note or a review. Maybe join my mailing list.*

Either way, thanks very much for stopping by.


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