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If you’re here you must be mystery fan, which means you have something in common with several U.S. presidents and, of course, me. Problem solvers at heart, we can’t resist the challenge of a tricky plot.

“Escapism for the control freak,” (Craig Fehrman*) is another way of describing my favorite genre—female detectives and amateur sleuths—and me again, I’m afraid. Real life seldom turns out how I think it should, so I've resorted to writing mysteries that do. Twelve so far...

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Both Lauren Beck crime novels won Honorable Mention in genre fiction from Writer's Digest. FOR BETTER OR WORSE was a Finalist for the National Indie Excellence Award in Mysteries,  and now STRANGER DANGER has a matching Finalist badge  for Crime novels. Two Gin Barnes cozies also attained #1 and #2 spots on Amazon's lists for Mystery and Female Sleuths

You'll find that both series characters take crime very seriously - but never themselves.

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Donna Huston Murray, mystery author awarded Honorable Mention in genre fiction by Writer's Digest

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Video of Round Table 360 multi-discipline discussion on Creative Block:

FAREWELL PERFORMANCE's ebook & paperback are live.

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"I could kick myself for not noticing this series until it reached the eighth installment...I enjoyed every page and greedily want to read all her words." Top 1% Amazon Reviewer DJ Sakata re For Better or Worse

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Ginger Barnes Series in Order:

Lauren Beck Series in Order:

Traditional Mystery:

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*Craig Fehrman wrote a book about presidents and their books. 

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